Spotlighting our classes here at We Rock The Spectrum- Jupiter/Tequesta


    My name is Caley Kukla and thank you for taking the time to learn more about Play With Purpose. PWP started as a passion project. I graduated from The University of Florida (Go Gators!) with a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Over the years, I’ve taught across several settings, provided early intervention services, and started my own bootcamp gym with my husband.

Once my first son was born, I decided to stay at home and be Super Mom. After his first year, I realized I needed to implement a discipline system. I used my background in early childhood special education to filter the overwhelming amount of information published to “aid” parents in disciplining children. I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated. So much of the information was not developmentally appropriate, and I found myself digging deep into the “whys”. If I felt this way, with a strong background in early childhood development, I could only imagine how other moms felt like.

Through this experience, I decided to teach child development classes. These classes would be geared towards the child’s experience, but also meant to gently educate parents about their child’s expected development and how to best guide it. I wanted the classes to be inclusive – bring the spectrum of neurological abilities together and empower all parents to recognize the strengths that their children possess.

My classes use sensory play, music, dance, yoga, story time, process art, and open-ended play to achieve a play-based approach to learning. I emphasis social-emotional development in my classes since it is highly correlated with success and happiness in later years. I also offer one-on-one private parenting coaching for families who need extra support for challenging behaviors, reoccurring social issues, and/or a need for better understanding and insight into their child’s development.

My classes and recommendations are research-based, time-tested strategies that are easily transferred into the home environment. I use a strength-based approach, always focusing on your child’s strengths to fortify their areas in need of improvement. This boosts their confidence and sets them (and you!) up for success!

Whether you want to tame your child’s tantrums, build-up their social confidence, or gain more insight to their development, Play With Purpose has a class and service for you! We also work with individuals to form targeted goals and interventions to implement in our classes. To learn more or ask a question, please visit our website or e-mail Caley at: