Juliana Roma

Juliana Roma will be a counselor at We Rock the Spectrum – Jupiter/Tequesta! She is currently a student at Palm Beach State College. She is working on her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and will continue her education to earn her PHD in Clinical Psychology. She will be specializing in the study of Autism.

Juliana’s background includes working in a supporting role for children and young adults with special needs in many various roles. In 2011 she was Secretary of the CEC Club (Council for Exceptional Children). From 2012 to 2013 she was a classroom aid for handicapped children at South Fork High School. Also in 2012, Juliana helped run a Down Syndrome babysitting program in Stuart, FL for children ranging from infant to 13 years old. In 2015 she was the Vice President of the Dream It, Do It club at Palm Beach State College (a support group for college students struggling with any problems in their personal lives). And in 2016 Juliana was named to the Fundraising Committee for Autism Speaks. She is pretty amazing and we can’t wait for you to meet her!

Juliana, herself, has high functioning Autism. This has been her motivation to become a role model for children on the spectrum. She wants to show that anything is possible!

A note from Juliana: I love animals (particularly Hedgehogs… I have owned three), music, and helping others. I enjoy going to school and learning new things. I even know some sign language! I also love meeting new people and being social. My goal in life is to be an inspiration to people on the spectrum.